On 28 February 2023, GIS organized a Science Exhibition program in school premises on the occasion of National Science Day. Program was held under the guidance of Chairman Shri. S.B.Patil Sir. Management Member Mrs. Snehal Patil Ma’am & Mrs. Pooja Patil Ma’am. Our Associate Director Mr. Shewale Sir, Principal Mrs.Shilpa Gaikwad Ma’am, Administration officer Prakash Gaikwad Sir , Principal of Siddhi Pharmacy College Mr. Praveen Kumar Sable Sir , Chief Guest Dr. Suresh Isave Sir(DSM, M.Ed., M.Phil. and Ph.D), GIS Play School Principal Bharti Gadad Ma’am , Vice Principal Mrs. Priya Newale and both Coordinators Mrs. Padmashri Pagar & Mrs. Madhuri Yewale. The program started with worshipping Saraswati Goddess and C.V.Raman. Students from every class participated in the event with innovative projects. Students presented different types of models which were related to different branches of science like Biogas plant, Molecular, Arduino Car Parking, multifunctional table lamp, hologram, rain water harvesting models, space satellites, Save Environment, Pollution, Traffic Signals, Solar systems and many more. Our Honorable Chief Guest along with the Principal and all dignitaries surveyed the entire exhibition and also took details from the respective students about each of their models. Simultaneously, the students also thoroughly enjoyed the event and learnt the concept perfectly. After that our Chief Guest gave a motivational speech on how technology made things more efficient and also told that there are unlimited opportunities in the field of science. At the end, the Principal Ma’am also gave a speech and thanked everyone for participating in this science exhibition. Anchoring done by Aishwarya Gaikwad Ma’am. HOD of Science Nayan Pawar Sir & Madhav Jadhav Sir took efficient effort for this program. Vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Madhuri Yewale ma’am.
Looking forward for many more such events.