Hurda Party was held on 25th February 2023,at Ganesh International School, Chikhali, playground .
The event started since 8.30am in the morning. Our Chairman sir Mr S.B.Patil Sir with Siddhi College Principal Mr Pravin Sable Sir,Director Shewale Sir,and Principal Mrs Shilpa Gaikwad ma’am ,Vice Principal Mrs Priya Newale, and both coordinators all were sitting under the tree and enjoying the moment with students. The Hurda means enjoying freshly roasted hurda in the farm, amidst the nature , besides the bonfire, chatting all the way…singing songs, sharing stories with friends and Teachers.
It was a wonderful experience while sitting under the tree and enjoy barbeque hurda and pokaras,
Very funfilled and enjoyable. All students went home with sweet memories of the day.
Overall, it was a fun filled learning with great experience where GIS celebrated the day with great excitement . Looking forward for many more events like this.