S.S.P. Shikshan Sanstha, Ganesh international school & Sr. Secondary, Chikhali celebrated Janmashtami on 7th September2023. The Celebration was witnessed by S.S.P. Shikshan Sanstha’s Chairman Mr. S. B. Patil Sir, Mr. Ganesh Patil Sir, Secretary Mr. Chandrakant Patil, Management members Mrs. Snehal Patil, Mrs. Pooja Patil, Associate Director Mr. Sunil Shewale, Administrative officer Mr. Prakash Gaikwad, Principal Mrs. Shilpa Gaikwad and Gis Play School Principal Mrs. Bharti Ma’am.
The day was filled with a lot of excitement, along with thrills, spirit, and cheers with sharing information of Lord Krishna and dances. The birthday of Lord Krishna is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm, on this Janmashtami day, in GIS. The students from primary boys and girls from Secondary got opportunity and were overjoyed when they broke the ‘Dahi Handi’ (pot of butter & curd) to grace this occasion. Dahi Handi is the most ancient joyful game played and celebrated, for the birth of Krishna
The students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. Students and teachers put their heart and soul to make this event successful.